Globalization, Internationalization, Localization and Translation

The world of global business requires unique language and culture-specific expertise. Globalizing offers personalized, cutting-edge project management for your translation needs in each of these categories.


expertise beyond the written word

We aim to bring out the global potential of our clients by integrating their domestic business vision with international goals. Globalizing supports these business decisions with our geospecific expertise in both language and culture. Your marketing message needs to resonate with the intended demographic. This requires more than a simple translation. We offer cultural experts who tailor your message to the target market.


prepping your product for localization

When you have a website or software that requires localization, you need assurance that new content can be seamlessly incorporated without any glitches or delay. Globalizing offers the technical and linguistic knowledge vital to streamlining the localization process, which saves you time and money. We work with a local game company that has experience in prepping software for localization and integrating translated text into the final product.


linguistic and cultural adaptation of your product

Introducing a product into a new country demands specific requirements. Globalizing first adapts the language to the specific country and updates the text with the proper format for dates, measurements, currency, etc. We also address other cultural sensitivities that may arise, such as nationalistic slogans or country names that may offend certain customers. Experts that specialize in your target market’s language and culture perform this linguistic analysis.


high-quality linguistic accuracy

Globalizing draws its translators from many fields, such as law, finance, marketing, engineering, and medicine. Our dedicated teams of translators and proofers use the latest CAT (computer-assisted translation) tools in order to provide high quality translations with a short turn around. We work in cooperation with our clients to make sure terms are a consistent and accurate reflection of the source text. We offer services for all major language pairs, including Russian and Asian languages.